Arriving at aperture

We’ve all heard the phrase born out of the pandemic, “The Great Resignation.” We see it happening all around us in every sector and geography. In America, roughly 3% of the workforce voluntarily quit their jobs in the month of December 2021 alone according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Whether we realize it or not, the pandemic has altered how we think about the important things in life and in our careers. Some of us are after more flexibility or to do away with the commute, but for others, the pandemic has made us realize we’re looking for deeper meaning in our work.

I don’t normally jump on the bandwagon unless you count “high-waisted jeans with fun sneakers” 😊 . However, “The Great Resignation” is different. It’s not that my former employer was doing anything wrong or that I was unhappy. The appeal of seizing the moment to invest in myself and try something new, different.

I have been part of in-house Fintech marketing teams for almost my entire career. Despite being a huge fan of Mad Men, I have never wanted to work for a marketing agency. At first glance, you might think my move to aperture is just that. I’ve left my corporate job to join a strategy and marketing agency. Wrong! I knew from its inception that aperture was different.

Why aperture is different

  • We’re company builders, not consultants. We work with a few, great companies, to help them launch and accelerate new platform businesses.
  • We are early-stage investors. If we are comfortable enough with investing our time into a company, we are usually also ready to invest our capital too. Our investment means we are as committed (or even more so) than members of the internal team.
  • We are an integrated, plug-and-play team. There is a lot of capital out there, but great people are always scarce. This is perhaps our greatest value. We’re highly experienced at what we do, we’ve been working together for a long time, and we execute. We work in different configurations, tightly or loosely integrated into existing teams — whatever is required. And working across multiple businesses allows us to get better, faster.
  • We become our clients. There is no them and us. We become deeply embedded in their operations, adopting their systems and adapting to their culture.
  • We are thought leaders who are deeply curious. Our Hub is full of insights and content exploring the structural shifts around technology, strategy, and the dynamics of the platform economy.

I’m thrilled to be part of this team. How often in your career do you have an opportunity to start a new job after 8+ years and immediately click with your colleagues? No onboarding required, just straight into helping startups unlock faster growth.

I’ve always wanted to work for a startup, and now I get to work with lots of great ones at once!

Curious about what we do? Or think you might like the mind-expanding experience of working across multiple businesses? Please get in touch.



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